Full Commitment from Us

At TOBAN TEXTILE, our professionals possess the knowledge and experience to tackle every part of the process in bringing your vision to life. We firmly believe that big machinery and the newest technology alone can not complete creation; we combine our finely honed skills with heartfelt commitment and passion dedicated to your project.

Dyeing Department

The purpose of the dyeing department is to finish all materials to the customer's desired colors.
While it sounds very simple, unfortunately, the process requires more attention and care.
Because the materials are all natural, the quantity in a lot can vary.
This can cause inconsistencies even when dyeing under the same circumstances and using the same methods. Being able to adjust these differences is, to us, true craftsmanship.


Sizing Department

Glue is a crucial part of the sizing process, and we are very particular to this step.
We have found the most compatible components and concentrations of glue for every textile, and we apply this composition to the warp yarn.
The whole procedure is carried through constant communication with the textile and processing departments.


Weaving Department

Although our factories are equipped with the newest machinery, we don't rely solely on the technology.
We combine our years of experience and research with our meticulous attention to weave every single filling yarn piece by piece.


Finishing Department

This is the final stage of creation.
We monitor every step to ensure that the what's waiting at the goal fully expresses your ideal product.
The passion is passed through every employee from start to finish to deliver a unique, heartfelt products.