Privacy Policy

At our company, we recognize the importance of confidentiality concerning any identifiable personal information. We take the following measures to ensure the privacy of our customers.

1. We collect, use, distribute, and deposit only the appropriate personal information within company walls.

We realize that the collection, use, distribution, and deposit of any information against the customer's will is an infringement of their rights and simultaneously diminishes our credibility and trust as a company. To prevent any unwanted activity. we have documented strict maintenance guidelines for all personal information and take careful measures to ensure the secrecy of this information.
If and when we do need to collect any personal information, it would only be within the boundaries of what is necessary and will be collected explicitly in our inquiry window. Unless we are legally prompted, we will never disclose your personal information to a third party without your pre-approval.
Additionally, when sharing your information with our subcontractors, they are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement and are carefully monitored to appropriately use the information.

2. We take countermeasures to ensure that there is absolutely no loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage of your personal information.

We have installed high security and antivirus software in all computers and machinery to block any unauthorized access.

3. We observe all laws and regulations concerning information protection.

Starting with The Personal Information Protection Law, we are in compliance with all laws and regulations; in addition, we also have our own internal company regulations.
Every employee, including directors, are educated and enlightened to follow these standards.

4. We continuously strive to improve the Personal Information Protection Compliance Program.

Through the execution and maintenance of our current program, we will continue to find better, even more secure ways to keep your information safe.

Changing Your Information and Introduction of Company News

We will always clearly indicate our aim when collecting any personal information and will only use this information where necessary. For any inquiries on this, or for correcting or deleting your personal information, please call +81-795-22-1001.
We may reach out to you via email or mail regarding our services that you used or to send letters with information and updates on new products. To unsubscribe to these updates, please call +81-795-22-1001 and we will take you off of the mailing list.