Company Profile

Trade name Toban Textile Co., Ltd.
Address 224 Kodaicho, Nishiwaki, Hyogo, 677-0016 Japan
Established February, 1943
Capital 100 million Japanese yen
Number of full time employees 150
Available services
Dyeing Department, Sizing Department
Cotton, synthetic fiber, knitting yarn, composite fiber dyeing, bleaching, beam sizing
Textile Department
Planning, execution, and selling of Yarn-dyed woven fabric
Finishin Department
Liquid ammonia processing, resin processing, sanforizing, raising, piece dyeing, other special processing and finishing
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Company History and Timeline

1943 In the 937th address in Nishiwaki City, Toban Dyeing Limited Company succeeds the Toban Dyeing Industries Association and begins its own business.
1947 1947 Toban Dyeing Co., Ltd. reorganizes and has a capital of ¥950,000.
1957 Piece mercerized equipment and resin processing equipment are newly established.
1960 1960 Capital increases to ¥65,000,000.
1965 Capital increases to ¥85,000,000.
1968 The company builds a finishing plant and moves to 224 KODAI-CHO, Nishiwaki City and becomes Toban Textile Co., Ltc. Capital increases to ¥100,000,000.
1970 A dyeing plant is built and the company expands.
Cheese beam dyeing machines, automatic process management systems, and beam sizing machines are newly established.
1982 Construction is done to allow for sizing in the dyeing department, and the sizing machines are renovated.
High pressure dyeing machines get a complete revamp.
1987 Wastewater treatment facilities are completely renovated and renewed.
1988 Continuous desizing and scouring and scouring machine is renovated.
1996 Liquid ammonia processing is introduced, and the Nissinbo SSP wrinkle resistant processing and product commitment is introduced.
1998 The company headquarters go under construction and moves to its current address.
1999 The exhaust desulfurization apparatus is completely revamped.
2002 Circular piece dyeing is expanded, and the full production of piece dyeing fabrics begins.
2003 The Toyota air jet weaving machine with wide electrical width capabilities is established.
Furthermore, in 2005 the second weaving plant is build and by 2008 there are 90 machines.
Two drawing machines and 2 reeding machines from the Swiss company Staubl are also obtained.
2009 A sample-warping machine is obtained, and a system for flexibility in trial weaving is created.
2010 Small dyeing machines are concentrated to one place, and as a result, efforts in productivity and labor saving are increased.
2012 Continuous desizing and scouring and scouring machine is newly installed.
Five of the newest rapier looms are obtained from Italian company Itema.
2015 Brand new wide width raising machines are installed.

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